Operation Navajo

I’ve become accustom to the mundane life that is happening in COVID times, so when this book came into my pile I was expecting just another crime novel.


Thriller doesn’t fully encompass the adventure and suspense that comes from every page of this book.

I have a sweet spot for crime/mystery documentaries/series because they keep you so enthralled in the story better than any book I’ve read. Well that was until I read Operation Navajo. Anita Dickason’s extensive law enforcement background and unique skills comes through in her writing. The story is written with so much knowledge of crime that you could swear you were reading a non-fiction.

I feel if I were to tell you anything about the plot of the book it would just take away from the thrill and suspense you will have while reading it. I will tell you that FBI, Federal Reserve, WWII Navajo Code Talkers, and assassination are all in this book. Anymore and I could be giving away secret gems for you to uncover yourself in the book.

Zombies and Vampires and Werewolves Oh My!


I don’t want to write too much and give away the story, but this was such a good book.

Horror, Suspense, and Thriller are my three least favorite genres of anything, but I have to give it to Michael, he made me enjoy this book from start to finish.

It took only 1 paragraph for me to be hooked. Michael Okon used phenomenal imagery to suck me into the story. I read the back of the book first where it talks about Wyatt Baldwin and his life, but you don’t indeed meet him until Chapter 4. That’s not an issue at all because Michael uses those Chapters to set the scene and to provide a deep insight into the various perspectives of that world. He draws from a lot of current real-world issues to set the stage for “monsters” to live.

It may just be June, but I felt like Halloween had started reading this book. It encompassed anything and everything you could ask for in a YA book.

I would not be surprised if one day this theme park opened up in the real world. Michael wrote with such skill and detail that made me believes that this was realistic (minus the monsters).

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