Mastering My Time!

For someone that is employed full-time and attending grad school full-time then adding in my rental agreement responsibilities; one could assume I have my life together and organized.

They would be very wrong! My millennial generation (in all its glory) is the FOMO generation. I over schedule myself and under organize it. But no more! I’m going to be mastering my time and conquering my clutter.

It’s a quick read, but it is packed with so many usefully skills that I can easily integrate into my life. When I finished reading the book instead of throwing it on my nightstand I placed it on my dusty bookshelf…that will be the perfect place to start my life organization journey. Ask me next week if there is still dust on my bookshelf.

Aaron S Gallagher

A prostitute and a private eye walk into a bar. No punchline can fully grasp how that story ends.

This book is a thinker, not a stinker; which means you have to sit with that book, pay attention to the book, and ignore your phone during the book. There is so much detail with the twists and turns in this book that if you look away for a second, you will miss why the book ended in the cliffhanger. You don’t need to read the first two books to follow the story, but after reading the third one, I don’t know why you wouldn’t read the other ones.

Mobsters, priests, pimps, hookers, and it all starts in a club with a prostitute and a private eye.

Zombies and Vampires and Werewolves Oh My!


I don’t want to write too much and give away the story, but this was such a good book.

Horror, Suspense, and Thriller are my three least favorite genres of anything, but I have to give it to Michael, he made me enjoy this book from start to finish.

It took only 1 paragraph for me to be hooked. Michael Okon used phenomenal imagery to suck me into the story. I read the back of the book first where it talks about Wyatt Baldwin and his life, but you don’t indeed meet him until Chapter 4. That’s not an issue at all because Michael uses those Chapters to set the scene and to provide a deep insight into the various perspectives of that world. He draws from a lot of current real-world issues to set the stage for “monsters” to live.

It may just be June, but I felt like Halloween had started reading this book. It encompassed anything and everything you could ask for in a YA book.

I would not be surprised if one day this theme park opened up in the real world. Michael wrote with such skill and detail that made me believes that this was realistic (minus the monsters).

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Could I Have Been a Firefighter?


Every little girl will love this book. I just wish this was around when I was growing up.
For the longest time, I wanted to be an astronaut. While there were sheroes such as Sally Ride, Judith Resnik, and Mae Jemison; I could only learn about them through chapter books and encyclopedias (I grew up during the dial-up and Ask Jeeves era). There was nothing for young girls to read about that told them that it was okay to be different.
If this book would have been around in my younger years, I feel that I would have been more confident in my tomboy ways. I always but on the façade of nothing could hurt me, but it still hurt getting teased and bullied throughout my childhood. I was always opposite of the average girls of my age. I spent my recess time playing basketball, football, or kickball with the boys while the girls were on the playground playing house.
This book takes girls at a young age and teaches them that they don’t have to stay at home if they don’t want to. There are many different jobs highlighted in the book that are seen as the “typical” male job, that can easily be performed by females. This is perfect to teach little girls that being different or not fitting into society’s norm is “okay.” I don’t like saying that it is okay to be different, but there is no easy way to say that it is normal to be different than the ordinary person. Nowadays I feel that there is no standard for males or females to be following. This world we live in is ever changing for the better, and this book is a fantastic tool to help the new generation to improve with it.

Carole P. Roman Returns Me to My Childhood

If You Were Me and Lived in…Israel
About 2 and a half years ago I visited Israel. I traveled from Tel Aviv to up north, then down into the desert finishing up in Jerusalem. The trip was a week long, and it was a whirlwind adventure. Reading this book reminded me of that week-long adventure I had and the people I met along the way. While the illustrations leave much to be desired the story in the book adequately outlines the culture of Israel and the people you will find when you visit there. Since English is not considered one of the main languages of Israel, the pronunciations next to the Hebrew words in the book were a big help while reading. Having the Pronunciation Guide in the back of the book was a great way to remind readers of the words they have just learned, how to pronounce the word and the definition of the word. I’m saving this book to read to my children (when I have them) to teach them about their heritage.

If You Were Me and Lived on…Mars
While I like to think at my age I know everything, this book is an excellent reminder that I don’t. This children’s book taught me more about Mars then I have ever known. It is unfortunate to learn that to live on Mars would be a 3-year journey, but it is probably worth it since the explorer inside of me loves the idea of going where few have gone before. If I were younger and needed to do a school project on Mars, this would be the first and only book I would need to complete the project. It is chocked full of information and researched facts. Sign me up for the next mission to Mars!

If You Were Me and Lived in…the Middle Ages
This book is disguised as a young children’s book, but when you open up to the first page, you realize that older kids in 5th and 6th grade can read this too. There are so much detail and information on the pages that I felt like I knew what it was like to live through the Middle Ages. Throw me into a time machine and send me back to the Middle Ages because this book taught me everything I would need to know to not just survive but to thrive in those years.

The Crew Goes Coconuts: A Captain No Beard Story
Every good children’s story should have a moral that teaches readers and helps them grow. Captain No Beard and his crew can definitely help any child through social interactions and assist them in learning to look past others’ differences. It was a cute read that any child can follow and learn from. My inner child found a new crew to be a part of, that also has a smart captain at the helm.