Operation Navajo

I’ve become accustom to the mundane life that is happening in COVID times, so when this book came into my pile I was expecting just another crime novel.


Thriller doesn’t fully encompass the adventure and suspense that comes from every page of this book.

I have a sweet spot for crime/mystery documentaries/series because they keep you so enthralled in the story better than any book I’ve read. Well that was until I read Operation Navajo. Anita Dickason’s extensive law enforcement background and unique skills comes through in her writing. The story is written with so much knowledge of crime that you could swear you were reading a non-fiction.

I feel if I were to tell you anything about the plot of the book it would just take away from the thrill and suspense you will have while reading it. I will tell you that FBI, Federal Reserve, WWII Navajo Code Talkers, and assassination are all in this book. Anymore and I could be giving away secret gems for you to uncover yourself in the book.


I grew up as a Jewish person in a Christian community, which meant I heard all the good holocaust jokes. And because being teased about what I believe in growing up wasn’t enough I went to a Christian university to top it off. While there coming out as a homosexual Jew increased the teasing and the jokes. Needless to say the long expose to negativity from Christians that surrounded me turned me off from interacting or associating with Christians.

But when the woman, who shoved your enormous head out of her 28 years ago, asks you to read something with an open mind…you do what she asks.

I was hesitant to dive into this book, but I sucked it up and dove head first in. I’m glad I did.

Julie Cull took her like experience and wisdom and spread it throughout the book. So many of the life events and experiences that the book’s character went through crosses over the religious divide placed throughout the world.

The ups and downs of transformative 30 years explained so many of the transformations that I’ve been through.

It turns out that no matter what your religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, or any other label that gets placed on you; that doesn’t stop you from having the same self-doubt, self-exploration, self-growth, and transformations that happens in other people’s lives.

For personal growth and understanding others check out Julie’s book and blog!

Inferno of Silence

Short stories are an ADHD kids’ dream. I can’t count the amount of times I had to read a book in school and I didn’t finish it. How I passed English class I will never know. But if I had to take a test over theses 7 short stories, I would pass it (I read them all).

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting me with your works and thank you for allowing me to read such powerful stories. Akinyemi’s history of award winning poetry allows his stories to flow with grace and elegance, that few authors can accomplish.

Full of heart, trials and tribulations, and so much reality. Akinyemi shines a light on the day-to-day interactions that people have all over the world, through the stories of his culture and his people.

Before I read any of Akinyemi’s stories I knew very little of Nigeria or of it’s culture. The closest I ever got to Nigeria was dating an Ethiopian girl in college; so not close at all. After reading the stories I became more knowledgeable of Nigeria’s people, food, culture, clothing, and so much more.

You can take my word for how great Akinyemi’s writing is, or you can just get yourself your own copy of and truly immerse you self into Akinyemi’s work and passion.

The Ex…Marks the Spot

As a lesbian I am not someone who worries about what a man has to offer me, but offer up Eddie Roark for me and I won’t turn him down. He’s a man of passion not just for the women in his life, but for his career.

The book is set in Texas and the realism that comes from Margaret Ferguson’s work makes me home sick. This page turner (or should I say this screen swiper) keeps you engaged and keeps you up at night, but in the good way of not being able to put it down.

Eddie Roark has his hands full… An ex-girlfriend, an ex-fiancé, and two ex-military armed to the teeth and determined to get some payback.
Once again Eddie finds himself stuck on a mountain. Only his mountain is a restaurant and dozens of lives are at stake, including someone he cares about. Can he stave off the police and save the woman he loves, or will he be forced to sacrifice her life to save everyone else?

The Saga Continues…

Round two I mean, book two of Shadow’s Fire Trilogy from Christopher Patterson, and we are right back where book one left us.

Erik journeys on facing his ever growing fears. Erik’s world is changing with evil becoming stronger and stronger. Right now this book is the perfect mirror to the world we live in.

While Erik moves forward on his adventures no matter evil throws in his way. We too move forward no matter what hate is thrown our way.

While our world at times may seem like a scary place, Patterson‘s novel allows you to escape into another world where evil is conquerable with help from the right friends. Or so it seems…


Every Monday through Friday, 7 am to 3 pm you can find me working with teenagers in the foster care system, but I am yet to meet one like Trisha.

Granted I don’t know what I would do if one of the teenagers turned out to be fae. Trisha has the voice of a teenager; one that reminds me of my inner voice and sometimes outer voice.

This book is engaging and well written! Check out more of Cassie’s work here!

Is this why our government is where it is now?

In a world of government shutdowns, wall building, and climate change debates I’ve wondered how this world came to be.

Robert J. Emery or R.J. Eastwood shows how our current environment could have been formed. Who would have thought that sci-fi novel could tell the future? This all happened because of someone that looks like a 12-year-old boy, I’m not talking about our current president, or was this all our own undoing?

This quick read gives incite into our world, which is probably why it was Book Talk Radio named it the Book of the Year for 2018.

Check out Emery’s interview on Book Talk Radio here to learn more about how this man’s mind works in order to create an amazing read for all to enjoy.

Not Your Average Joe

Is this what corporate America is like?! I thought social work with teenagers was a lot of drama, but really it is high tech corporate America that is filled with excitement. The author did not spare the reader the darker side of that world, and I for one am sticking with nonprofits!

Joe is not your average Joe.  He was a boxer, and that personality comes through in the way he deals with his coworkers and what he does when coworkers start being murdered.

This is a quick paced read. It was great to read a book that showed that my work drama is nothing compared to what Joe had to work with. Having the story set in Austin also helps to add more intrigue and realism to the book, especially since I’ve been to the Austin hot spots mentioned in the book.

Buy this book for the mystery, read it for the drama.

A vet & a sheriff walk into a barn…

I have to admit I was a virgin when it came to gay male romance, but Sionnach popped my cherry. Many people say they regret their first time, but I do not regret reading this gay male romance novel at all!

This historical fiction is set in East Texas — to start off I’m just trying to figure out how Sionnach is getting away with gay men in East Texas. Sionnach does a great job at throwing these two men together in all sorts of positions (pun intended) that bring them closer together.

For any of my LGBTQIA+ family members out there needing a good steamy read, I urge you to stop here and read this book…you will enjoy it!

It is funny that it took my roommate (aka my mom) to give this book to me for me to read my first gay male romance…I have a weird and fantastic relationship with her.