About the Family


Shelbie, Harvey, Jennie, & Aaron Rosenblum

It may be a small family, but we keep each other on our toes. The more blog entries you read, the more you will learn about who they are and how they shaped me.

Aaron can be found teaching Spanish at DeSoto High School. He is fluent in Spanish which he got from his years working in the Peace Corps down in Nicaragua. He is also the residential animal guru.

Roommate #1 or Harvey can be found in his command station playing with the family’s future. From the countless hours I have been stuck in a conversation about his job I know he is a trader of stock index, currency, and commodities futures. He also develops trading applications. If you understand any of what you just read about this roommate visit his site or if you want to just learn some killer tips on improving your stock portfolio then check out his site.

Roommate #2 or Jennie is a retired librarian that turned her passion into her career now. She is an avid book reviewer and editor and is the reason for a few book blogs. You can find her work here. When she has free time, she can also be seen teaching preschool teachers how to teach as a registered trainer through TECPDS. If you need a funny lady to make your preschool teacher training sessions more exciting, then contact Jennie.

The number position of a roommate has no reflection on which parent I love more.