I grew up as a Jewish person in a Christian community, which meant I heard all the good holocaust jokes. And because being teased about what I believe in growing up wasn’t enough I went to a Christian university to top it off. While there coming out as a homosexual Jew increased the teasing and the jokes. Needless to say the long expose to negativity from Christians that surrounded me turned me off from interacting or associating with Christians.

But when the woman, who shoved your enormous head out of her 28 years ago, asks you to read something with an open mind…you do what she asks.

I was hesitant to dive into this book, but I sucked it up and dove head first in. I’m glad I did.

Julie Cull took her like experience and wisdom and spread it throughout the book. So many of the life events and experiences that the book’s character went through crosses over the religious divide placed throughout the world.

The ups and downs of transformative 30 years explained so many of the transformations that I’ve been through.

It turns out that no matter what your religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, or any other label that gets placed on you; that doesn’t stop you from having the same self-doubt, self-exploration, self-growth, and transformations that happens in other people’s lives.

For personal growth and understanding others check out Julie’s book and blog!

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