Grant Me 1 Wish

Grant-funded jobs make up a bulk of the social work career. Grants can last any length of time and be for any number of positions, services, or expertise. My job was one of those grant-funded jobs. Many agencies lose grants, but sometimes grants are long-lasting. My agency had been receiving a grant from the grant organization for almost a decade. They had three different grants that every year the agency would apply for and receive. This year was different. This year the grant never came. My agency reached out to the organization, and the organization stated they never received our grant application.

At this point, I should tell you that 99.9% of the high dollar grant funding organizations complete their grant applications through an online portal so you can watch the process of the application. The grant organization my agency went to was the .1%; they accept grant applications through emails. Safe, reliable, and secure? No.

Now my agency was not going to take it lying down. Our IT department checked and confirmed that the email with all three grant applications was sent and received to their email (aka did not bounce back). Head management went through the grievance process of the grant organization and continues to fight them. In the meantime, my agency couldn’t afford to pay the three positions’ salaries that were funded by the grant, which means that this Friday, after moving over 700 miles for the job, I will be considered unemployed. Great timing with everything right now, but it was not my agency’s fault.

However, this is not the end of my story with this agency. There is more to tell…

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