Not Your Average Joe

Is this what corporate America is like?! I thought social work with teenagers was a lot of drama, but really it is high tech corporate America that is filled with excitement. The author did not spare the reader the darker side of that world, and I for one am sticking with nonprofits!

Joe is not your average Joe.  He was a boxer, and that personality comes through in the way he deals with his coworkers and what he does when coworkers start being murdered.

This is a quick paced read. It was great to read a book that showed that my work drama is nothing compared to what Joe had to work with. Having the story set in Austin also helps to add more intrigue and realism to the book, especially since I’ve been to the Austin hot spots mentioned in the book.

Buy this book for the mystery, read it for the drama.

1 thought on “Not Your Average Joe”

  1. Hi Stay At Home Daughter,

    Thank you for thoughtfully reviewing A Fateful Greed. As a veteran of the corporate, I can attest that there is plenty enough greed to go around, but I never saw anyone killed out of greed or passion.

    Here’s a special blog offer: I will give an ebook version of A Fateful Greed to any reader who reaches out and mentions The Stay At Home Daughter blog. Contact me on my Facebook page or my website:


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