Could I Have Been a Firefighter?


Every little girl will love this book. I just wish this was around when I was growing up.
For the longest time, I wanted to be an astronaut. While there were sheroes such as Sally Ride, Judith Resnik, and Mae Jemison; I could only learn about them through chapter books and encyclopedias (I grew up during the dial-up and Ask Jeeves era). There was nothing for young girls to read about that told them that it was okay to be different.
If this book would have been around in my younger years, I feel that I would have been more confident in my tomboy ways. I always but on the façade of nothing could hurt me, but it still hurt getting teased and bullied throughout my childhood. I was always opposite of the average girls of my age. I spent my recess time playing basketball, football, or kickball with the boys while the girls were on the playground playing house.
This book takes girls at a young age and teaches them that they don’t have to stay at home if they don’t want to. There are many different jobs highlighted in the book that are seen as the “typical” male job, that can easily be performed by females. This is perfect to teach little girls that being different or not fitting into society’s norm is “okay.” I don’t like saying that it is okay to be different, but there is no easy way to say that it is normal to be different than the ordinary person. Nowadays I feel that there is no standard for males or females to be following. This world we live in is ever changing for the better, and this book is a fantastic tool to help the new generation to improve with it.

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