Second Knee Scar

I made the photo smaller because of…gross. As of today, I now have two beautiful big scars on both of my knees, neither of which came from surgeries. The first one came from the sea and the second from land.
thumbnail (16)

Aw yes, the sea, how does one get a lifelong scar from the sea you ask? Going into second grade, my family and I took a trip down to Galveston Bay to a family’s friend’s beach house. For those of you that know the Texas Gulf area, when I say beach I mean rock formation that separates land from the sea. The rocks by the sea get covered by the water with the rising tides, and so the stones are slippery throughout the day and covered in barnacles. We young children; being my brother, myself and 5 other kids similarly aged; thought it was a fun idea to climb onto the rocks. About 5 minutes into playing around one girl slips on the rocks, and the parents warn us to be careful while we play, but what does Shelbie do less than 2 minutes later. You guessed it! Shelbie slips forward onto the rock and her knee lands square on a colossal barnacle slicing it open, but Shelbie being the tomboy that she is at that age stands up and starts to wipe herself off like nothing happens but glances over to see the faces of the other children in horror staring at her legs. Shelbie looks down her leg to see red pouring out of her knee. This is when Shelbie starts feeling pain and screaming for her mommy. Long story short Shelbie gets stitches in her knee and doesn’t listen to the doctor when he says to not move it. She ends up separating the wound and leaving her with a massive scar on her right knee.

16 years later at the young age of 25 years old, Shelbie takes her family dog, Sparky, out for a run on the greenbelt behind the family home. Shelbie and Sparky have run the trails before, and every time Sparky falls behind to smell something new, however recently Sparky had healed from a spine injury, so Shelbie did not want to overexert him. About 10 minutes into the run Sparky slows down for the first time, and as Shelbie runs past him, she glances back to check to make sure he didn’t stop because he was in pain. Once Shelbie realizes Sparky feels okay she starts turning her head back around to see where she is going, then she elegantly trips over the dirt, and her left kneecap lands square on a rock and again red starts pouring out of her knee. Needless to say the run/walk back up the trail and hill to the family house and yelling for my dad’s help was the longest ¼ mile I have ever gone. The best part is coming to the backyard and seeing my dad run upstairs when hears me calling from outside because he thinks I am upstairs. Gotta love that man. That is the tale of the first and second knee scar.

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