Is this the rest of my life?



Before 2016 I had no idea what a Recreation Therapist was or even that I could have a future in it. Now after over a year working with Recreation Therapists I knew that becoming a Recreation Therapist is what I wanted to do. I hate being stuck behind a desk and filling out paperwork after paperwork. I like being out in the world with people and helping them where they are at. When I worked as a case manager I got more out of walking the trails with a kid then I did sitting in an empty room with him staring at each other trying to get a conversation started. The more I worked with Recreation Therapists as a Case Manager, the more I wanted to be one.

Now, a year and a half after learning about the career I have been accepted into the State University of New York at Cortland’s Recreation Therapist Certificate program. While I will be taking all the required graduate courses to collect a Masters in Recreation Therapy, because I am taking the course online I am not able to complete the mandatory internship and meet the supervisory requirement for the graduate degree. For some reason, I am content with that. I have always hated school with a passion. I struggle to learn sitting down in a hard chair and being talked at. I got through my early school years because I had my parents on my back pushing me, and college I made it through by the skin on my teeth.

Online grad school is something that has scared me for the longest time, until January 2017. Early this year I got diagnosed with ADHD, and I was placed on medication to assist me in focusing on my daily life. It has done wonders for my mood and procrastination. I hate to say that drugs will get me through college, but they will. These are legally prescribed medication that I take the required dosage for, and I am monitored every 3 months by a licensed professional to ensure that I am not abusing the prescription. I was one of those kids that bought Adderall off of her friend to finish a paper in college. The medication worked for me, but that doesn’t mean that it will work for you. There are many dangerous side effects to self-medicating with stimulants. I am very fortunate that none of those side effects happened to me, and now that I am prescribed the medication I make sure that I stick to the medication schedule.

Drug addictions are a serious illness and if you are unable to live without taking substances to numb, dull or get through your life then reach out for help at or Call 877-443-2801.



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